can offer a wide variety of services to prevent your pets from being attacked from Raccoons, Rattlesnakes, Coyotes, and other predators. In order to protect your pets, you must first understand your environment and surrounding wildlife. Most of us forget that we have neighbors. All animals are not our enemies but they are our wild neighbors. We have to learn to preserve life, respect all life, and prevent future attacks to our pets. receives many calls from Animal Rescue Organizations, Families, and Animal Shelters. We believe in protecting all life and that includes the wildlife.

Most customers need to understand that “typical” cage is not the only answer to protecting your animals. Some owners have built a Chicken coop and that still does not protect the hens from a Mother Coyote that is trying to feed her starving pups. A Dog Fence is not going to protect the dogs from rattlesnake that lives in a gopher hole. The more we understand the other animals the easier it is to plan a prevention to protect your pets. Once you have identified the problem, we suggest that you plan a budget because building an enclosure is not the only solution. Every predator is different with a different solution.

Our Prevention Solutions:

  • Cat Enclosures or Dog Enclosures (ideal for protecting pets from Coyotes)
  • Coyote Rollers are ideal for Dog Fences to prevent dogs and coyotes from hopping the fence but does not protect animals from Rattlesnakes.
  • Double Mesh Solution or Netting that reinforces the cages and protects the animals from holes from the ground.
  • Cat Fence (A Patented Solution) Prevents cats from leaving or strays from entering.
  • Custom Decks with Cemented Flooring (We can build decks or Flooring that prevents rattles snakes from coming up from the ground
  • Hybrid Solutions are available to those that created a budget to utilize all techniques

Who needs this type of service?

  • Animal Rescues
  • Animal Shelters
  • Animal Rescue Barns
  • Farms
  • Pet Owners that want their indoor pets to go outside safe
  • Animal Hotels and Hospitals
  • Zoos
  • Other Commercial Animal Businesses